How to post on Facebook

Goal: Post on Facebook

Ideal Outcome: Create engagement by posting on all social platforms

Pre-requisites or requirements: Have a Facebook account

Why this is important: Posting on all social media create more brand awareness

Where this is done: Facebook creator studio

When this is done: Whenever you want to post on Facebook (2-3 times/week)

Who does this: You, your Social Media Manager, or Community Manager.

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How to make a post public on Facebook :

Facebook Creator Studio Tutorial :

  • Environnement set up :

Before you start, you have to do research on the client. What does he sell? What is his niche? Be sure you truly understand his personality and vocation before starting to create beautiful and engaging post.

  1. Open Facebook Creator Studio
  1. Click on create post and select which type of post you want to create.
  2. image
  3. Select which page you want to post on
  4. image
  5. Write your caption, to know how you can make beautiful caption, look at this SOP
    1. image
    2. Select which type of post you want (video, go live or picture)
    3. image
    4. Click on share or schedule and you're done!
    5. image

      That's it. You know how to post on Facebook